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this took about 3 years or so to make. and it needed most of that time. DIY is hard.


released August 5, 2014

Mike A. Spud - Everything
all electronic/bit sounds are from an earlier version of the nanoloop app.
all fuzz guitar leads made possible with FX Doctor's 8-Bit Fuzz.



all rights reserved



this is me. i write pop punk. i sing and play guitar and use nanoloop for iOS.

i make bitpop punk.

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Track Name: Just Say Yes
i think you and i, both know
we'd be good together, even though
you deny my every try- you can't give me real reasons why-
convincing yourself, it's not a much of lies

you should just give in to what is right
there's no point in putting up a fight
so take off your blindfold, and see the light
just say yes to going out with me, tonight

how close do you think we really are?
we should be more close than we are far
away from each other emotionally-
and how great that our lives could be-
if you'd wake up, would only see that-
you could spend, the rest of your time with me
Track Name: (I Don't Wanna Be) Beer Drenched
i don't, wanna be beer drenched
i don't want alcohol absorbed into my clothes
and i don't, wanna be beer drenched
i don't want PBR and puke covered shoes- oh no

i'm getting so sick, of being close to the pit
when all the drink-hand fans, go apeshit
alcohol flying fast, it's hard to avoid
sporting a coat of beer and getting so annoyed

it's a spectacle, it's an irritation
as to why, i pick a safer location
it's unstoppable, i use my evasion
staying back, tired of the vocation
Track Name: Waterlilies
any time i see you at a show
i tend to stare and i thought i'd let you know
that you are totally cool,
are you aware, or do you wanna hear it from this fool?

i think you are so pretty
that being the reason i wrote this ditty
you are so pretty, waterlily

when your head's pointed my way
do you notice me or is this a game you play?
is that why you walk by me?
oh, if i ask you would shed some clarity?

i don't know if you like Monet
but i'm sure you get what i'm trying to convey
Track Name: Tell Me You Don't
oh would you please-
tell me you don't like me in that way
tell me you don't like me everyday
tell me you don't like me, so i don't think that you like me
tell me you don't like me in that way
every day, everyday

cause i wanna stay friends
until the, silence ends
i can't wait to, hear you say
what i, imagine
or is it all in my head?
is it in my head?
is it all in my head?
it sometimes, makes me wish i was dead